Creating is in my genes. My father used to go pot-holing for his own clay, make aeroplanes, work with resins, oil paint, made films, the list goes on. Mum was always rearranging our home and doing things with flowers, constantly creating with yarns and fabrics. My father introduced me to the love of Animation, attending  night school together at a very early age set me on my path.

More than twenty years ago I felt the need to find a form of art that was casual compared to my precise world of Traditional Animation. It turned out to be Pottery. My initial aim was to let the clay be in control, I am still trying to let it be ! My home soon started to burst at the seams with all my creations until friends soon learnt which day to arrive at my home for the unloading of my car to carry off my weeks creations. Finally I had to let them pay for their acquisitions. Which led to be represented in shops and an art gallery.

My clay work soon began to take up most of my creative time. When I was 7 months into growing my first child, my partner and his father started to build a new purpose built studio where I could play day and night. I now have two of the most beautiful little helpers, I am proud to say I am a member of the most prestigious club in the world, I am a Mumma. They are my greatest creations.

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