I have been working in clay for over twenty years now. I know, I can not believe it either. Thats a long time ! A great fun time. I presently have four ranges that you can choose from.

The latest range is my Botanical Series bowls. I love being outside looking at what the plants are doing in each of the seasons. Stopping to admire them was not enough, I felt a need to hold onto what I was seeing, which meant they had to go into my clay. This series was then born.  The backs of the bowls are inscribed with the plants name. I am careful to put any materials back into the ground that I have finished using. These are all one colour which is a natural earth oxide with my signature raw edges.

I have been pushing into clay to form patterns in my bowls and plates, mixed with earth stains to cast shadows for many years now. The challenge of finding new uses for old items that no longer have a use in todays world I find inspiring. These feelings started me using old printing blocks which gave me a feeling of magic as I held their worn edges. Wondering who held them before me, what was their lives like. Dyes still stuck in the carvings giving me a hint to the block's story. I loved and still love using these blocks. Finding more to add to my collection is always a joy. 

This is the Sari Series. These come in many colours which range from earth pigments to colours with my signature raw edges.

This in-turn lead me to collecting old and antique letterpress letters and numbers for my Bowls Of Wisdom collection of bowls and canvas art. I am entranced with old letterpress letters, wood and metal. The collecting of these was a journey in itself. For me to choose them they had to have a story behind them. When the letters started to arrive from around the world the feelings were so powerful when I opened each parcel. Looking at these beautiful pieces that were no longer needed to inform the world of the days news any more, were now with me to tell my stories and make art. It was saddening and exciting. As I finger them, hold them in my hands I wonder what stories they have told in their life. I hope they like being introduced to clay instead of inks.

Bowls of Wisdom Series. These letters now have a new roll in my studio as I push them into clay, adding hidden messages within for the new owner to find one day. These come in black with smooth edges.

Another collection of items that came to me looking for new roles in their lives are parts that were once used in aircraft. Naturally they had to go into my clay and become art in my bowls. I find these shapes entertaining. 

The AeroPunk Series are bowls made with the imprints of aircraft parts that no longer have a use in the aircraft due to many reasons like their time life has expired. These are coloured in the same earth oxide as the Botanical Series with my signature raw edges.

I wonder what will next find me looking for a new purpose to its life ? I look forward to their arrivals.

Below is a random collection of snaps I have taken now and then of pieces I have made. I hope you enjoy rambling through them. Once you click on them they will give you a larger image.

If you have any questions please email me at Helen@HelenANaylor.com